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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7.x Linux Virtual Delivery Agent Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 1

Release: 1 Benchmark Date: 28 Jan 2021

SV-234255r628796_ruleThe application must limit the number of concurrent sessions to three.
SV-234256r628796_ruleThe application must initiate a session lock after a 15-minute period of inactivity.
SV-234257r628796_ruleCitrix Linux Virtual Delivery Agent must implement DoD-approved encryption.
SV-234258r628796_ruleThe application must be configured to disable non-essential capabilities.
SV-234259r628796_ruleCitrix Linux Virtual Delivery Agent (LVDA) must be configured to prohibit or restrict the use of ports, as defined in the PPSM CAL and vulnerability assessments.
SV-234260r628796_ruleCitrix Linux Virtual Delivery Agent must only allow the use of DoD PKI established certificate authorities for verification of the establishment of protected sessions.