STIGQter STIGQter — STIG Fun with Qt

STIGQter provides a reimplementation of DISA's STIG Viewer. STIGQter is developed using the Qt framework, and its goal is to more accurately mirror the asset management layout of eMASS. This project is not associated with DISA.

Latest Version

STIGQter is in Beta and is not yet feature-complete; however, the application is stable enough for general use.

Bugs and Support

For bug reports, support, and any general questions, please file an issue on github.

STIG Content

The NON-FOUO STIGs are publicly released by DISA at HTML-formatted versions of these STIGs with printable, manual checklists are available here.


The source code for STIGQter is available on github.

Build status, code quality, and code coverage results:


STIGQter is under the GPL version 3.


Contributions in the form of source code, documentation, bug reports, and any form of encouragement are greatly appreciated and managed on the github portal. Financial contributions are not accepted; however, donations to Fisher House on behalf of the STIGQter organization are encouraged.