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z/OS NetView for TSS STIG

Version: 6

Release: 8 Benchmark Date: 22 Jul 2016

SV-27315r1_ruleNetView install data sets are not properly protected.
SV-27327r1_ruleNetView STC data sets are not properly protected.
SV-28615r1_ruleNetView Started Task name(s) is not properly identified / defined to the system ACP.
SV-28464r1_ruleIBM Tivoli NetView Started task(s) must be properly defined to the Started Task Table ACID for Top Secret.
SV-28465r1_ruleNetView is not properly defined to the Facility Matrix Table for Top Secret.
SV-50926r2_ruleNetView resources must be properly defined and protected.
SV-28492r4_ruleNetView configuration/parameter values must be specified properly.