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Version: 6

Release: 1 Benchmark Date: 11 Mar 2020

SV-7195r3_ruleAll hardware components of the FEPs are not placed in secure locations where they cannot be stolen, damaged, or disturbed
SV-7196r3_ruleProcedures are not in place to restrict access to FEP functions of the service subsystem from operator consoles (local and/or remote), and to restrict access to the diskette drive of the service subsystem.
SV-7197r3_ruleA documented procedure is not available instructing how to load and dump the FEP NCP (Network Control Program).
SV-7198r3_ruleAn active log is not available to keep track of all hardware upgrades and software changes made to the FEP (Front End Processor).
SV-7199r3_ruleNCP (Net Work Control Program) Data set access authorization does not restricts UPDATE and/or ALLOCATE access to appropriate personnel.
SV-7200r3_ruleA password control is not in place to restrict access to the service subsystem via the operator consoles (local and/or remote) and a key-lock switch is not used to protect the modem supporting the remote console of the service subsystem.