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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 STIG

Version: 1

Release: 10 Benchmark Date: 27 Apr 2018

SV-33406r1_ruleDisabling of user name and password syntax from being used in URLs must be enforced.
SV-33389r1_ruleEnabling IE Bind to Object functionality must be present.
SV-33417r1_ruleSaved from URL mark to assure Internet zone processing must be enforced.
SV-33413r1_ruleNavigation to URL's embedded in Office products must be blocked.
SV-33395r1_ruleLinks that invoke instances of IE from within an Office product must be blocked.
SV-33604r1_ruleTrust Bar Notifications for unsigned application add-ins must be blocked.
SV-33449r1_rulePre-release versions of file formats new to Office Products must be blocked.
SV-33608r1_ruleAll automatic loading from Trusted Locations must be disabled.
SV-33602r1_ruleForce encrypted macros to be scanned in open XML documents must be determined and configured.
SV-33607r1_ruleDisallowance of Trusted Locations on the network must be enforced.
SV-33599r1_ruleSave files default format must be configured.
SV-33605r1_ruleTrust access for VBA must be disallowed.
SV-33606r1_ruleWarning Bar settings for VBA macros must be configured.
SV-33600r1_ruleHidden markup options must be visible.
SV-33601r1_ruleThe ability to run programs from a PowerPoint presentation must be disallowed.
SV-33603r1_ruleAutomatic download of linked images must be disallowed.
SV-33784r1_ruleAdd-on Management functionality must be allowed.
SV-33787r1_ruleProtection from zone elevation must be enforced.
SV-33796r1_ruleActiveX Installs must be configured for proper restriction.
SV-33802r1_ruleFile Downloads must be configured for proper restrictions.
SV-33804r1_ruleScripted Window Security must be enforced.
SV-33852r1_ruleApplication add-ins must be signed by Trusted Publisher.
SV-33858r1_ruleData Execution Prevention must be enforced.
SV-33935r1_ruleConfiguration for file validation must be enforced.
SV-33933r1_ruleBlocking as default file block opening behavior must be enforced.
SV-33862r1_ruleFiles from the Internet zone must be opened in Protected View.
SV-33866r1_ruleFiles in unsafe locations must be opened in Protected View.
SV-33869r1_ruleDocument behavior if file validation fails must be set.
SV-33876r1_ruleAttachments opened from Outlook must be in Protected View.
SV-34090r1_ruleThe configuration for Slide Update with counterparts must be disallowed.