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HPE 3PAR StoreServ 3.2.x Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 1

Release: 3 Benchmark Date: 28 Jul 2017

SV-85079r1_ruleThe storage system must be operated at the latest maintenance update available from the vendor.
SV-85105r2_ruleThe storage system in a hardened configuration must be configured to disable the Remote Copy feature, unless needed.
SV-85107r3_ruleThe CIM service must be disabled, unless needed.
SV-85109r1_ruleThe storage system must terminate all network connections associated with a communications session at the end of the session, at shutdown, or after 10 minutes of inactivity.
SV-85111r1_ruleDoD-approved encryption must be implemented to protect the confidentiality and integrity of remote access sessions, information during preparation for transmission, information during reception, and information during transmission in addition to enforcing replay-resistant authentication mechanisms for network access to privileged accounts.
SV-85113r1_ruleThe storage system must implement cryptographic mechanisms to prevent unauthorized modification or disclosure of all information at rest on all storage system components.
SV-85115r1_ruleSNMP must be changed from default settings and must be configured on the storage system to provide alerts of critical events that impact system security.
SV-85117r1_ruleThe SNMP service on the storage system must use only SNMPv3 or its successors.
SV-85119r1_ruleThe SNMP service on the storage system must require the use of a FIPS 140-2 approved cryptographic hash algorithm as part of its authentication and integrity methods.
SV-85121r1_ruleThe storage system must, for networked systems, compare internal information system clocks at least every 24 hours with a server which is synchronized to one of the redundant United States Naval Observatory (USNO) time servers, or a time server designated for the appropriate DoD network (NIPRNet/SIPRNet), and/or the Global Positioning System (GPS).
SV-85123r2_ruleThe storage system must be configured to have only 1 emergency account which can be accessed without LDAP, and which has full administrator capabilities.
SV-85125r1_ruleThe storage system must only be operated in conjunction with an LDAP server in a trusted environment if an Active Directory server is not available.
SV-85127r2_ruleUser credentials which would allow remote access to the system by the Service Processor must be removed from the storage system.
SV-85129r1_ruleThe storage system must only be operated in conjunction with an Active Directory server in a trusted environment if an LDAP server is not available.
SV-85131r1_ruleThe storage system must require passwords contain a minimum of 15 characters, after an administrator has set the minimum password length to that value.
SV-85133r1_ruleThe Standard Mandatory DoD Notice and Consent Banner must be displayed until users acknowledge the usage conditions and take explicit actions to log on for further access.
SV-85135r1_ruleThe storage system must allocate audit record storage capacity to store at least one weeks worth of audit records, when audit records are not immediately sent to a central audit record storage facility.
SV-85137r1_ruleThe storage system must record time stamps for audit records that can be mapped to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
SV-89331r1_ruleThe storage system in a hardened configuration must be configured to encrypt data associated with the Remote Copy feature.
SV-89333r1_ruleThe CIM service must use DoD-approved encryption.