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Forescout Network Device Management Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 1

Release: 1 Benchmark Date: 20 Nov 2020

SV-230930r615886_ruleForescout must limit the number of concurrent sessions to one for each administrator account.
SV-230931r615886_ruleForescout must terminate the account of last resort password when members with access to the password leave the group.
SV-230932r615886_ruleForescout must be configured with only one web account and one CLI account of last resort with limited access and used only when the authentication server is unavailable.
SV-230933r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to enforce the limit of three consecutive invalid logon attempts, after which time it must lock out the user account from accessing the device for 15 minutes.
SV-230934r615887_ruleForescout must display the Standard Mandatory DoD Notice and Consent Banner before granting access to the device.
SV-230935r615886_ruleForescout must retain the Standard Mandatory DoD Notice and Consent Banner on the screen until the administrator acknowledges the usage conditions and takes explicit actions to log on for further access.
SV-230936r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records when successful attempts to access privileges occur.
SV-230937r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records when attempts to modify administrator privileges occur.
SV-230938r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records when attempts to delete administrator privileges occur.
SV-230939r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records showing when successful logon attempts occur.
SV-230940r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records for privileged activities or other system-level access.
SV-230941r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records showing starting and ending time for administrator access to the system.
SV-230942r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records when concurrent logons from different workstations occur.
SV-230943r615886_ruleThe Forescout must configure a remote syslog where audit records are stored on a centralized logging target that is different from the system being audited.
SV-230944r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to synchronize internal information system clocks using redundant authoritative time sources.
SV-230945r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
SV-230946r615886_ruleForescout must prohibit installation of software without explicit privileged permission by only authorized individuals.
SV-230947r615886_ruleForescout must enforce access restrictions associated with changes to device configuration.
SV-230948r615886_ruleForescout must audit the enforcement actions used to restrict access associated with changes to the device.
SV-230949r615886_ruleForescout must prevent the installation of patches, service packs, plug-ins, or modules without verification the update has been digitally signed using a certificate that is recognized and approved by the organization.
SV-230950r615886_ruleForescout must limit privileges to change the modules and OSs resident within software libraries.
SV-230951r615886_ruleForescout must enforce access restrictions associated with changes to the firmware, OS, USB port, and console port.
SV-230952r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to use an authentication server for the purpose of authenticating users prior to granting administrative access.
SV-230953r615886_ruleForescout must be running an operating system release that is currently supported by the vendor.
SV-230954r616548_ruleIf the network device uses role-based access control, Forescout must enforce organization-defined, role-based access control policies over defined subjects and objects.
SV-230955r615886_ruleForescout must generate log records for a locally developed list of auditable events.
SV-230956r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to conduct backups of system-level information contained in the information system when changes occur.
SV-230957r616550_ruleForescout must support organizational requirements to conduct backups of information system documentation, including security-related documentation, when changes occur or weekly, whichever is sooner.
SV-230958r616552_ruleForescout must obtain its public key certificates from an appropriate certificate policy through an approved service provider.
SV-230959r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to prohibit the use of all unnecessary and/or nonsecure functions, ports, protocols, and/or services.
SV-230960r615886_ruleForescout must disable the Request Customer Verification setting.
SV-230961r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to authenticate SNMP messages using a FIPS-validated Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC).
SV-230962r615886_ruleBefore establishing a connection with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, Forescout must authenticate using a bidirectional, cryptographically based authentication method that uses a FIPS-validated Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher block algorithm to authenticate with the NTP server.
SV-230963r615886_ruleForescout must enforce password complexity by requiring that at least one uppercase character be used.
SV-230964r615886_ruleForescout must enforce password complexity by requiring that at least one lower-case character be used.
SV-230965r615886_ruleForescout must enforce a minimum 15-character password length.
SV-230966r615886_ruleForescout must enforce password complexity by requiring that at least one numeric character be used.
SV-230967r615886_ruleForescout must enforce password complexity by requiring that at least one special character be used.
SV-230968r615886_ruleForescout must require that when a password is changed, the characters are changed in at least eight of the positions within the password.
SV-230969r615886_ruleForescout must use FIPS 140-2 approved algorithms for authentication to a cryptographic module.
SV-230970r615886_ruleForescout must terminate all network connections associated with a device management session at the end of the session, or the session must be terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity except to fulfill documented and validated mission requirements.
SV-230971r615886_ruleForescout must only allow authorized administrators to view or change the device configuration, system files, and other files stored either in the device or on removable media (such as a flash drive).
SV-230972r615886_ruleForescout must be configured to send log data to a central log server for the purpose of forwarding alerts to the administrators and the Information System Security Officer (ISSO).