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Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Delivery Controller Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 1

Release: 3 Benchmark Date: 24 Apr 2020

SV-96117r1_ruleDelivery Controller must limit the number of concurrent sessions to an organization-defined number for all accounts and/or account types.
SV-96121r1_ruleDelivery Controller must be configured to disable non-essential capabilities.
SV-96123r2_ruleDelivery Controller must implement NIST FIPS-validated cryptography for the following: to provision digital signatures; to generate cryptographic hashes; and to protect unclassified information requiring confidentiality and cryptographic protection in accordance with applicable federal laws, Executive Orders, directives, policies, regulations, and standards.
SV-96125r2_ruleDelivery Controller must be configured in accordance with the security configuration settings based on DoD security configuration or implementation guidance, including STIGs, NSA configuration guides, CTOs, and DTMs.