STIGQter STIGQter: STIG Summary: VMware ESX 3 Virtual Center

Version: 1

Release: 2 Benchmark Date: 22 Jul 2016

SV-16724r1_ruleVMotion virtual switches are not configured with a dedicated physical network adapter
SV-16725r1_ruleThere is no dedicated VLAN or network segment configured for virtual disk file transfers.
SV-16727r1_ruleiSCSI VLAN or network segment is not configured for iSCSI traffic.
SV-16728r1_ruleCHAP authentication is not configured for iSCSI traffic.
SV-16731r1_ruleStatic discoveries are not configured for hardware iSCSI initiators.
SV-16741r1_ruleThe service console and virtual machines are not on dedicated VLANs or network segments.
SV-16742r1_ruleNotify Switches feature is not enabled to allowfor notifications to be sent to physical switches.
SV-16745r1_ruleVirtual machines are connected to public virtual switches and are not documented.
SV-16746r1_ruleVirtual switch port group is configured to VLAN 1
SV-16747r1_ruleVirtual switch port group is configured to VLAN 1001 to 1024.
SV-16748r1_ruleVirtual switch port group is configured to VLAN 4095.
SV-16749r1_rulePort groups are not configured with a network label.
SV-16751r1_ruleVirtual switches are not labeled.
SV-16752r1_ruleVirtual switch labels begin with a number.
SV-16754r1_ruleThe MAC Address Change Policy is set to “Accept” for virtual switches.
SV-16756r1_ruleForged Transmits are set to “Accept” on virtual switches
SV-16757r1_rulePromiscuous Mode is set to “Accept” on virtual switches.
SV-16800r1_ruleVirtualCenter server is hosting other applications such as database servers, e-mail servers or clients, dhcp servers, web servers, etc.
SV-16801r1_rulePatches and security updates are not current on the VirtualCenter Server.
SV-16805r1_ruleVirtualCenter virtual machine is not configured in an ESX Server cluster with High Availability enabled.
SV-16806r1_ruleVirtualCenter virtual machine does not have a CPU reservation.
SV-16807r1_ruleVirtualCenter virtual machine does not have a memory reservation.
SV-16808r1_ruleVirtualCenter virtual machine CPU alarm is not configured.
SV-16809r1_ruleVirtualCenter virtual machine memory alarm is not configured.
SV-16810r1_ruleUnauthorized users have access to the VirtualCenter virtual machine.
SV-16811r1_ruleNo dedicated VirtualCenter administrator created within the Windows Administrator Group on the Windows Server for managing the VirtualCenter environment.
SV-16812r1_ruleNo logon warning banner is configured for VirtualCenter users.
SV-16813r1_ruleVI Client sessions with VirtualCenter are unencrypted.
SV-16814r1_ruleVI Web Access sessions with VirtualCenter are unencrypted.
SV-16821r1_ruleVirtualCenter does not log user, group, permission or role changes.
SV-16831r1_ruleNonpersistent disk mode is set for virtual machines.
SV-16834r1_ruleClipboard capabilities (copy and paste) are enabled for virtual machines.
SV-16836r1_ruleVMware Tools drag and drop capabilities are enabled for virtual machines.
SV-16837r1_ruleThe VMware Tools setinfo variable is enabled for virtual machines.
SV-16838r1_ruleConfiguration tools are enabled for virtual machines.
SV-16839r1_ruleVirtual machines are not time synchronized with the ESX Server or an authoritative time server.
SV-16841r1_ruleTest and development virtual machines are not logically separated from production virtual machines.
SV-16917r1_ruleVirtualCenter Server assets are not properly registered in VMS.
SV-16926r1_ruleVirtualCenter Server assets are not configured with the correct posture in VMS.
SV-18021r1_ruleVirtualCenter is not using DoD approved certificates.
SV-83303r1_ruleVMware ESX management software that is no longer supported by the vendor for security updates must not be installed on a system.