STIGQter STIGQter: STIG Summary: Mozilla FireFox Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 4

Release: 28 Benchmark Date: 24 Jan 2020

SV-33373r5_ruleThe DOD Root Certificate is not installed.
SV-16707r1_ruleFireFox is configured to ask which certificate to present to a web site when a certificate is required.
SV-16709r1_ruleFirefox automatically executes or downloads MIME types which are not authorized for auto-download.
SV-16710r3_ruleNetwork shell protocol is enabled in FireFox.
SV-16711r4_ruleFirefox is not configured to prompt a user before downloading and opening required file types.
SV-16712r1_ruleFireFox plug-in for ActiveX controls is installed.
SV-16713r2_ruleFirefox formfill assistance option is disabled.
SV-16714r3_ruleFirefox is configured to autofill passwords.
SV-16715r2_ruleFireFox is configured to use a password store with or without a master password.
SV-16717r1_ruleFireFox is not configured to block pop-up windows.
SV-16718r1_ruleFireFox is configured to allow JavaScript to move or resize windows.
SV-16925r8_ruleFirefox must be configured to allow only TLS.
SV-16927r1_ruleFirefox is configured to allow JavaScript to raise or lower windows.
SV-16928r2_ruleFirefox is configured to allow JavaScript to disable or replace context menus.
SV-19509r4_ruleInstalled version of Firefox unsupported.
SV-59603r1_ruleFirefox automatically updates installed add-ons and plugins.
SV-21889r9_ruleFirefox required security preferences cannot be changed by user.
SV-21890r1_ruleFirefox automatically checks for updated version of installed Search plugins.
SV-79381r3_ruleExtensions install must be disabled.
SV-93759r3_ruleBackground submission of information to Mozilla must be disabled.
SV-106633r1_ruleFirefox Development Tools Must Be Disabled.