STIGQter STIGQter: STIG Summary: Google Chrome Current Windows Security Technical Implementation Guide

Version: 1

Release: 18 Benchmark Date: 24 Jan 2020

SV-57545r4_ruleFirewall traversal from remote host must be disabled.
SV-57547r2_ruleSites ability for showing desktop notifications must be disabled.
SV-57553r2_ruleSites ability to show pop-ups must be disabled.
SV-57557r2_ruleSite tracking users location must be disabled.
SV-57561r2_ruleExtensions installation must be blacklisted by default.
SV-57563r2_ruleExtensions that are approved for use must be whitelisted.
SV-57567r2_ruleThe default search providers name must be set.
SV-57569r3_ruleThe default search provider URL must be set to perform encrypted searches.
SV-57571r3_ruleDefault search provider must be enabled.
SV-57575r4_ruleThe Password Manager must be disabled.
SV-57579r2_ruleThe running of outdated plugins must be disabled.
SV-57585r2_ruleThird party cookies must be blocked.
SV-57587r2_ruleBackground processing must be disabled.
SV-57593r2_ruleGoogle Data Synchronization must be disabled.
SV-57595r3_ruleThe URL protocol schema javascript must be disabled.
SV-57599r2_ruleCloud print sharing must be disabled.
SV-57603r8_ruleNetwork prediction must be disabled.
SV-57605r3_ruleMetrics reporting to Google must be disabled.
SV-57607r2_ruleSearch suggestions must be disabled.
SV-57609r4_ruleImporting of saved passwords must be disabled.
SV-57611r2_ruleIncognito mode must be disabled.
SV-57623r2_ruleOnline revocation checks must be done.
SV-57625r3_ruleSafe Browsing must be enabled,
SV-57627r2_ruleBrowser history must be saved.
SV-57629r5_ruleDefault behavior must block webpages from automatically running plugins.
SV-57633r5_ruleSession only based cookies must be disabled.
SV-57639r6_ruleThe version of Google Chrome running on the system must be a supported version.
SV-67011r5_ruleURLs must be whitelisted for plugin use
SV-89845r2_ruleDeletion of browser history must be disabled.
SV-94633r2_rulePrompt for download location must be enabled.
SV-94635r2_ruleDownload restrictions must be configured.
SV-96295r2_ruleAutoplay must be disabled.
SV-96297r3_ruleChrome must be configured to allow only TLS.
SV-96299r2_ruleSafe Browsing Extended Reporting must be disabled.
SV-96301r1_ruleWebUSB must be disabled.
SV-96303r2_ruleURLs must be whitelisted for Autoplay use.
SV-96305r3_ruleChrome Cleanup must be disabled.
SV-96307r3_ruleChrome Cleanup reporting must be disabled.
SV-96311r2_ruleGoogle Cast must be disabled.
SV-101303r1_ruleAnonymized data collection must be disabled.
SV-101305r1_ruleCollection of WebRTC event logs must be disabled.
SV-106629r1_ruleChrome development tools must be disabled.